Invisible She

Freeze Time Media recently worked with Moving Mountains to publish “Invisible She,” by Sheena Sade Robinson, with illustrations by Cristal Baldwin, Flying Frog Studio. The book tells the story of Sheena, who instantly goes from being the baby girl in her family to the middle child. Sheena has not one but two new adorable little siblings to contend with. And to make matters worse, her big sister doesn’t seem to have much time for her anymore. The only thing big sis seems to care about is her cell phone and Snapchat.

Sheena’s mother and father are both engulfed in caring for the twins. So much so that Sheena goes unnoticed. Even her best friend, Layla, isn’t available to play.

Sheena escapes to her treehouse. While there, she makes a wish to the fairy living inside her snow globe. Little does Sheena know, her wish will come true. The fairy offers Sheena the opportunity to become the one thing she currently loathes: Invisible. Sheena’s journey leads her to East Asia, the Caribbean, and even inside a lion’s cage.

“Invisible She” is poetically written. Young girls and boys alike will be amused by this fanciful story. It will surely become a favorite not only for children but parents as well.

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George Bailey’s Got Nothing On Me

Growing up on a traveling carnival and surrounded by a host of real life Damon Runyan and O Henry characters has proven to be a truly wonderful life for Cy Holliday, author of “George Bailey’s Got Nothing on Me: A Narrative History of the Holliday Family.”

The author’s paternal grandfather, father, and mother were instrumental in providing him a firm foundation for all of life’s challenges. From Broadway to carnival midways to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, these stories speak of a simpler time, but the life lessons are as applicable today as they were in the past. Mom was a Broadway star who worked with all the big band leaders of the 1930s and ‘40s. Dad was a carnie that grew up during the depression and lived by his wits. Grandpa was a carnie and a prizefighter. They and their friends formed the basis of what became the author’s life story, and a fascinating look at a different time in our country. Covering seven generations of the Holliday family from the 1700s to today, George Bailey’s Got Nothing on Me takes the reader on a unique genealogic ride with characters that are far from perfect and certainly not “politically correct.” Filled with individual triumphs and tragedies, it is as interesting a family memoir as you are likely to find.

“George Bailey’s Got Nothing on Me” is available in print and as an e-book.

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The Hollow

The Hollow Front CoverRecently published by Freeze Time Media and written by River Eno, “The Hollow is the second book in the Anastasia Evolution Series. Anastasia “Andru” Weber was always different. From the day she was born, strong faerie magik filled her blood and soul. She tried to ignore it, to not let the power inside her body rule her every action. She tried to live a normal life as a military officer, but paranormal things have a way of creeping up on you when you’re surrounded by ancient, sometimes volatile vampires. One of those scary vampires is her partner, Romeo, who is jealous, territorial, and seems to want to distract her eyes away from his seducing father, General Galen.

However, in life, you accept the bad with the good. Andru has true friends that walk by her side. Some, like her best friend, Alivia, help protect her secrets. Some, like Dacon, her ex-boyfriend, let her know when she’s out of line. To her credit, she was promoted to captain the same month she turned thirty, prompting Alivia to throw her a birthday bash she wouldn’t soon forget. One reason was because the King of Genesis was there, watching her every move. Also, General Galen practically forced himself on her, a situation that left her anxiety-ridden but enjoying it all the same. But mostly, Andru wouldn’t forget that night because terrorists bombed the building the party was in — and an unknown criminal knocked her senseless.

When life takes a turn, Andru sneaks off to see her faerie family, hoping to bring balance back to her magik. But when her partner is abducted during a routine military operation, the deadly situation might suggest a friendly foe rather than guerrilla extremists.

And still, that hidden earth magik haunts Andru. It drives her forward, pushing her, and those closest to her, into mortally dangerous situations. When she comes face to face with a demon, the magik trapped inside refuses to stay hidden any longer. Will the very fabric of Anastasia’s life, and all of those standing with her, be forever changed?

“The Hollow” is available in print and as an e-book.

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In the face of man’s total annihilation, a small group of survivors find themselves alone and hunted. Soon, fear turns to anger, as they discover the truth behind the attacks. Now, just being alive isn’t enough; they want revenge.

“Immortality,” recently published by Freeze Time Media, is the second book in the fast-paced Evolved series written by Steve Woods. It will keep you wanting more as you ask yourself, could this be man’s fate?

“Immortality” is available in print and as an e-book.

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Harry Hid It: But Where is It?

Harry Hid ItHarry Hid It, recently published by Freeze Time Media, is an adventure like you’ve never read before. Harry Strickland is a minor thief who decides to up his game for a bigger payday. The added profit means larger problems – mostly unexpected. Follow Harry and his gang of thieves as they plan and pull off high-stakes jobs. Harry keeps his crew together while dealing with law enforcement, other criminals, and the women in his life. This is a tale of adventure, mystery, and romance that will keep you turning the page to see what happens next.

“Harry Hid It” weaves its tale across Long Island, New York City, and New Jersey as Harry discovers that unique alliances may be the only way he can ever get to enjoy the money…if he survives. Join the roller coaster ride as you discover who gets caught, who ends up with who, and who dies!

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Love and War

“Love and War – and Eternally Damning Prophecies,” by River Eno and published by Freeze Time Media, is the first book in the Anastasia Evolution Series.

Love and War Front Cover

Anastasia Drucilla Ekaterina Weber’s normal life came to an abrupt end when she was nine years old. That was the day she was left waiting in a closet after her brothers decided to stop playing hide and seek. That was the day her anxious emotions shifted her body’s shape from human to that of a faerie of the dark class, the Unseelie. From then on much of her time was spent learning how to hide what she was from her family, and the old vampire leaders that governed the country where she grew up.

Andru had always felt different. But the tiny faeries she spoke to in her room at night told her she was gifted, not particularly special. She knew strong magik was in her blood and soul, because her family had been practicing pagans for generations. Only hers wasn’t the magik of the witches in her family; they were empathic and psychic, to be sure, but commonplace as far as tangible conjuring was concerned. Sometimes, she could make things happen just by thinking about them, or so it seemed.

Except, none of that mattered if you weren’t allowed to let anyone know about the extraordinary things you could do. How much fun could you have when you’re afraid the tiniest slip of words could put you on the radar of the opportunistic vampires who were always searching to get their hands on true magikal power?

The vampires of the country of Genesis were undeniably dominant. Their gifts were obviously potent, but they were also quite singular. They didn’t call on the Earth’s forces to aid them the way the fey did — partly because the strength of the parent determines the strength of the child, and most vampires didn’t have the power to connect themselves to the magik of the gods. Most young vampires had never tried to do such things. Few would know where to begin.

Now, as a military officer in the Philadelphia Territory and the partner of a high-ranking official, Andru is a strong, often superior, soldier. But as her thirtieth birthday approaches, her carefully maintained magik is becoming dislocated, and her mind is constantly distracted. The control she’s perfected is crumbling the closer she becomes to her vampire partner, Romeo, and his father, General Galen.

Her best friend, Alivia and her ex boyfriend, Dacon — fully aware of her secrets — do their best to keep her grounded. But when extremists target her birthday party and military headquarters, is it another act of terrorism by neighboring countries or does someone want to expose her and all the winged skeletons in her supernatural closet?

“Love and War – and Eternally Damning Prophecies” is available in print and as an e-book.

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My Battlefield, Your Office: Leadership Lessons from the Front Lines

Freeze Time Media recently had the honor of working with The Constantine Group to publish “My Battlefield, Your Office: Leadership Lessons from the Front Lines.”

My Battlefield, Your Office

Every year, millions of managers and supervisors get promoted into management positions without learning how to successfully lead a team. As a result, many of them find themselves at the top of the corporate ladder while lacking the requisite training to lead. And even for those who have been leaders for a while, they may not truly understand why building their skills as managers should be their number one priority.

Aimed primarily at helping first-line supervisors and mid-level managers overcome leadership challenges, “My Battlefield, Your Office” is a senior-management must read. This book can also help up-and-coming managers who are taking on an increasing amount of responsibility where strong leadership skills are necessary.

Author Justin Constantine, a Marine lieutenant colonel who led a team of Marines in Iraq, shares invaluable lessons that are critical to surviving and succeeding, both on the frontline and in the workplace. His biggest personal challenge was overcoming an injury that should have killed him: a calamitous gunshot wound to the head by an enemy sniper in Iraq.

We all experience adversity in our lives, at home, as leaders in our communities and in the workplace. Constantine’s Marine training helped him survive and thrive and he shares these survival tips in “My Battlefield, Your Office.” Through frontline analogies and specific personal experiences, Constantine translates the leadership skills he gained in the Marine Corps and while on the frontline into everyday language business leaders can understand.

“My Battlefield, Your Office” includes 15 impactful and easy-to-read chapters. Each section focuses on specific leadership skills and leaves the reader with key takeaways by laying out five guiding principles: 1) Why taking care of your team should be your number one priority; 2) Defining what it means to lead from the front; 3) How change means opportunity; 4) Why it’s okay to ask for help; and 5) Why taking responsibility for your actions is key.

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Freeze Time Media released “Evolved” on Oct. 9, 2015.


Imagine a day like every other, where people are going about their lives dealing with work, love, and the other humdrum tasks of living. Then a dark cloud appears over the horizon. Suddenly, small drones that shoot special arrows that can render a human dead within seconds are indiscriminately attacking. These drones seem determined to wipe out every man, woman, and child they can find. Those people who take cover only find a temporary respite. A second wave of drones that can tear through houses, cars, and any other type of structure comes through to kill those who are left. Those the drones do not kill are made slaves to clean up the dead.

There are survivors. From the catastrophe of the attacks, a band of rebels arises with a single-minded intent to destroy the drones, free the slaves, and find out who is behind the diabolic scheme. These fighters are not superheroes or military warriors. They are regular men and women who are determined to take their world back. Evolved follows these brave people who had their world turned upside down as they form new relationships and alliances in their efforts to destroy the evil that has enveloped the entire earth.

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Mustang: War in the Pacific and Europe

Freeze Time Media released “Mustang: War in the Pacific and Europe” on Sept. 23, 2015.

Mustang Front Cover FINAL

This novel tells the exciting saga of David and Anna Hershal, a mother and son fleeing Austria just ahead of pursuing Nazis. They reach America, where Anna establishes a vast clothing empire. Meanwhile, David masters the martial arts and in 1938, joins the Army at age fifteen. Stationed in the Philippines, he is involved in a Moro insurrection aimed at the assassination of General Douglas MacArthur and Lieutenant Colonel Dwight D. Eisenhower. His heroic action results in his promotion to second lieutenant. After Pearl Harbor, his subsequent actions in guerrilla warfare and battles in the Pacific lead to further promotions and honors. David is a true Mustang in the Army, but his mission is not finished unless he can avenge the death of his father.

The book is available through Amazon, in paperback and as an ebook.

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The Book of GEET

Freeze Time Media released published “The Book of GEET: Book One: Basic Science,” by Paul Pantone. 

The Book of GEET

THE BOOK OF GEET is not just another science book. It delves into many aspects of freeing the world from pollution and energy control. I stopped counting the number of discoveries attributed to GEET in 2003. Back then, there were over 100. I thought it was time to validate all I could for students around the world and people like me who are looking for answers but could not find them in the conventional books available through a library or university. If you have sought the answers to clean air and water with an unlimited supply of energy and could not find them, I am hoping you will find exactly that within the contents of this book. Some of the discoveries occurred over a hundred years ago. Where did the books go that had this knowledge? Did they simply vanish? Were they destroyed? We may never know the truth, but it is not relevant today. What is important is we cannot forget this knowledge. I hope others can expound upon it. If I can pioneer the road to clean, fresh air and clean water by showing you how to reduce emissions from every single piece of equipment on the planet that uses fuel, even if only by 10 percent, this would be a major accomplishment. Some of the things you will learn in this text will show you that 100 percent reduction in pollution is possible, and it has been accomplished.

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