Angry Leadership: My Seven Guiding Principles of Leadership

Angry Leadership is a journey of Victor Angry’s military career and lessons learned along the way. Lessons like the importance of mentors, how he defines loyalty, what right looks like, and many more. As he looked back on his military career, he asked himself several questions. Why was it successful? What happened along his 23-year journey of being a soldier? Above all, what seven main things did he do that helped him be successful in his career with the military? These would become his seven leadership principles of success. He shares them in this book with the hope that they can help others on their journey to their own success.

Angry Leadership is available in paperback and ebook from Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other online stores. Visit Victor’s author page to learn more about him.

Hide n’ Seek With Grandma (New Children’s Book)

It’s always fun when Grandma plays with her granddaughters, Hailey and Leslie. Today the game is Hide n’ Seek. Can they manage to pick a perfect spot to hide?

Hide n’ Seek with Grandma, written by Ellen Pfaff and illustrated by Cristal Baldwin, is available as a hardcover, ebook, and as a coloring book.

Visit Cristal’s illustration page to learn more about her. Visit Ellen’s page to learn more about her.

Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sport Science for Athletic Development

Intent front coverFreeze Time Media recently published “Intent: A Practical Approach to Applied Sport Science for Athletic Development.” “Intent,” by Justin Roethlingshoefer and Devan McConnell,  takes you inside the world of two strength and conditioning coaches and how they continue to develop a holistic approach to sport science to work with their players to help them achieve their optimum levels of strength, power, and speed. Intent explains the different aspects of sport science to give players an edge and to assist head coaches in planning their practice and game strategies. Strength and conditioning coaches help provide head coaches with a physically and emotionally better-prepared athlete. This book does not talk about a set program but shows different components that enable strength and conditioning coaches to establish individual programming while maintaining team mentality. The methodology shared in Intent can be used from high school to all levels of professional sports. It takes a mindfulness on everyone’s part to make the elements of Intent work. It takes intent. When players and coaches are on the same page, that team can reach for the highest rung.

“Intent” is available in print through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and other booksellers. It is also available as an ebook as a Kindle edition, as a Nook book, in the iBookstore, and at many more online outlets.

Visit Justin and Devan’s author pages to learn more about them.

Gracie’s Razzle-Dazzle Day (new children’s book)

Freeze Time Media recently published Gracie’s Razzle-Dazzle Day. In this children’s book, written by Kimberly Kerr and illustrated by Cristal Baldwin, ten-year-old Gracie chooses to sparkle her day filled with colorful, fun, positive messages, and activities. She shares her beautiful day with her dog, music, and art, and discovers beauty and laughter with her mom.

Gracie’s Razzle-Dazzle Day is available as a hardcover book at many online retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. It is also available in paperback and as an ebook.

See Kimberly’s Author Page and Cristal’s Illustrator Page for more information.

Spilled Sprinkles (new children’s book)

Spilled Sprinkles coverFreeze Time Media recently published Spilled Sprinkles, a new children’s book written by Barbara Weiss and illustrated by Cristal Baldwin. This story takes you on an adventure with three-year-old Peter and his family as they visit the zoo. What begins as an accident turns into the most imaginative fun events ever. Develop and share your own ideas, and be creative and imaginative with your own endings.

Spilled Sprinkles is available as a hardcover book through Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other retailers. It is also available as an ebook through Amazon and many online retailers.

For information about the author, visit Barbara’s Author Page. For information about Cristal, visit her Illustrator Page.

Simple Living in the 21st Century

Simple Living book coverFreeze Time Media recently published “Simple Living in the 21st Century,” written by Robert Spaccarelli. The book teaches you how to live off the land in the healthiest and most natural way possible. Robert is an expert in the fields of beekeeping, gardening, fruit trees, permaculture, mushrooms, and foraging for wild plants. This book gives you enough information to get started in any of these fields if you are a beginner and offers in-depth tips if you’ve been doing one of these subjects for a while. Rob has spent a lifetime in all these areas. As someone who believes in passing knowledge on to others, this book is his first to enlighten and educate those who value nature and want to learn about sustainable living. He wants readers to appreciate what the book has to offer in beauty, nutrition, and practical use.

Simple Living in the 21st Century is available at and Barnes and

Visit Robert’s author page to learn more about him.

Invisible She

Freeze Time Media recently worked with Moving Mountains to publish “Invisible She,” by Sheena Sade Robinson, with illustrations by Cristal Baldwin, Flying Frog Studio. The book tells the story of Sheena, who instantly goes from being the baby girl in her family to the middle child. Sheena has not one but two new adorable little siblings to contend with. And to make matters worse, her big sister doesn’t seem to have much time for her anymore. The only thing big sis seems to care about is her cell phone and Snapchat.

Sheena’s mother and father are both engulfed in caring for the twins. So much so that Sheena goes unnoticed. Even her best friend, Layla, isn’t available to play.

Sheena escapes to her treehouse. While there, she makes a wish to the fairy living inside her snow globe. Little does Sheena know, her wish will come true. The fairy offers Sheena the opportunity to become the one thing she currently loathes: Invisible. Sheena’s journey leads her to East Asia, the Caribbean, and even inside a lion’s cage.

“Invisible She” is poetically written. Young girls and boys alike will be amused by this fanciful story. It will surely become a favorite not only for children but parents as well.

Visit Sheena’s Author Page to learn more about her. Visit Cristal’s Illustrator Page to learn more about her.

George Bailey’s Got Nothing On Me

Growing up on a traveling carnival and surrounded by a host of real life Damon Runyan and O Henry characters has proven to be a truly wonderful life for Cy Holliday, author of “George Bailey’s Got Nothing on Me: A Narrative History of the Holliday Family.”

The author’s paternal grandfather, father, and mother were instrumental in providing him a firm foundation for all of life’s challenges. From Broadway to carnival midways to the Atlantic City Boardwalk, these stories speak of a simpler time, but the life lessons are as applicable today as they were in the past. Mom was a Broadway star who worked with all the big band leaders of the 1930s and ‘40s. Dad was a carnie that grew up during the depression and lived by his wits. Grandpa was a carnie and a prizefighter. They and their friends formed the basis of what became the author’s life story, and a fascinating look at a different time in our country. Covering seven generations of the Holliday family from the 1700s to today, George Bailey’s Got Nothing on Me takes the reader on a unique genealogic ride with characters that are far from perfect and certainly not “politically correct.” Filled with individual triumphs and tragedies, it is as interesting a family memoir as you are likely to find.

“George Bailey’s Got Nothing on Me” is available in print and as an e-book.

Please visit Cy’s Author Page to learn more about him.


The Hollow

The Hollow Front CoverRecently published by Freeze Time Media and written by River Eno, “The Hollow is the second book in the Anastasia Evolution Series. Anastasia “Andru” Weber was always different. From the day she was born, strong faerie magik filled her blood and soul. She tried to ignore it, to not let the power inside her body rule her every action. She tried to live a normal life as a military officer, but paranormal things have a way of creeping up on you when you’re surrounded by ancient, sometimes volatile vampires. One of those scary vampires is her partner, Romeo, who is jealous, territorial, and seems to want to distract her eyes away from his seducing father, General Galen.

However, in life, you accept the bad with the good. Andru has true friends that walk by her side. Some, like her best friend, Alivia, help protect her secrets. Some, like Dacon, her ex-boyfriend, let her know when she’s out of line. To her credit, she was promoted to captain the same month she turned thirty, prompting Alivia to throw her a birthday bash she wouldn’t soon forget. One reason was because the King of Genesis was there, watching her every move. Also, General Galen practically forced himself on her, a situation that left her anxiety-ridden but enjoying it all the same. But mostly, Andru wouldn’t forget that night because terrorists bombed the building the party was in — and an unknown criminal knocked her senseless.

When life takes a turn, Andru sneaks off to see her faerie family, hoping to bring balance back to her magik. But when her partner is abducted during a routine military operation, the deadly situation might suggest a friendly foe rather than guerrilla extremists.

And still, that hidden earth magik haunts Andru. It drives her forward, pushing her, and those closest to her, into mortally dangerous situations. When she comes face to face with a demon, the magik trapped inside refuses to stay hidden any longer. Will the very fabric of Anastasia’s life, and all of those standing with her, be forever changed?

“The Hollow” is available in print and as an e-book.

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In the face of man’s total annihilation, a small group of survivors find themselves alone and hunted. Soon, fear turns to anger, as they discover the truth behind the attacks. Now, just being alive isn’t enough; they want revenge.

“Immortality,” recently published by Freeze Time Media, is the second book in the fast-paced Evolved series written by Steve Woods. It will keep you wanting more as you ask yourself, could this be man’s fate?

“Immortality” is available in print and as an e-book.

Please visit Steve Woods’ Author Page to learn more about him.